We are installers of Betafence and other Perimeter Fencing products, for schools, Shopping centers, business parks, Sports grounds and recreation, and all facets of residential fencing.



Our product suppliers are worldwide leaders of fencing and access control, integrated perimeter security systems and solutions. They also develop and produce tailor-made industrial mesh and welded gabions  

Fencing Panels

Our Products are discreet security at its very best. Panels minimize the visual impact on the immediate environment and have bends for added rigidity.  

Benefits :  

- Keep-out

With Anti-Cut robust wire and weld joints, cutting through the system is very difficult using conventional bolt or wire cutters, while the Anti-Climb small mesh apertures offer no toe or finger holds  

- See your site

The panels have excellent visibility characteristics and from a distance appear almost invisible, offering unobstructed camera surveillance from the front or at an angle  

- Rugged and robust

Due to its advanced anti-corrosion properties, the high quality PVC fusion-bond coating technology guarantees an extended product lifespan and low maintenance

As a professional end user, you are looking for experience, quality and know-how to secure your assets. Together we offer multiple solutions to secure offices, factories, public buildings ... ranging from demarcation for public and sport infrastructure to perimeter control for sensitive sites.

Standard coated fencing products receive a 10 years guarantee in non aggressive environments


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